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Alpha Wire have been manufacturing high quality cables for over 90 years. From the harsh environment of a factory floor or the critical controls on an offshore oil rig, to advanced medical devices requiring smaller, lighter connectivity solutions, cables from Alpha Wire are working reliably day-in and day-out.

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A Little About Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire designs and manufactures every cable to meet the critical demands of real-world applications, using premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control.

For a wire that fits every application, no matter what extremes of temperature, oils and solvents, electrical noise, and other hazards it must withstand – choose Alpha Wire’s innovative solutions today.

Alpha Wire has a proven reputation for high-quality, premium-grade products, such as Xtra-Guard® hazard-matched performance cables. In addition they have one of the industry’s widest range and largest inventory of wire, cable, and FIT® heat-shrink tubing and wire management products

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