What is Mil-Spec? Where did it come from?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question. I would have exactly twelve dollars. Okay, so while the engineering fraternity is generally well-versed in this technical lexicon, I meet numerous people in both governmental and commercial organizations who are fortunate enough not to have endured lengthy briefing sessions on interoperability [...]

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Engineers: How Better Spec’ing at The Outset Can Mean Fewer Headaches Later

“I want to write more specs.” Said no-one ever. If, like me, you’ve spent any amount of time in the cost engineering field, you will at some point have fallen victim to cost overruns, scheduling delays and inventory bottlenecks - complete with the frustrating experience of the construction process grinding to a halt. It happens. [...]

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Choosing the right cables for your data center

If you’ve read our top tips for managing data center cables, and let’s face it, you really should have, you’ll know that cabling is very important when it comes to data center infrastructure. Aside from having neat and tidy cabling, it’s also crucial to ensure your data center is using the right cabling. Choosing the [...]

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Top Tips For Managing Data Center Cables

Managing data center cables Data centers can be of critical importance to the smooth-running of a business. In the digital world we now live in, data center failure can stop a business in its tracks. Therefore, it’s surprising that many businesses still have issues due to improper cabling. Some may even regale new employees with [...]

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How to Maintain Fiber Optic Connectors

Contents Introduction How do fiber optics become dirty? Why clean fiber optic connectors? Tools you will need Things you should always do What not to do Conclusion Introduction Unfortunately, fiber optic connectors have a terrible immune system and are highly susceptible to contamination or dirt.  Getting into the habit of cleaning optical cables is a [...]

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Cable Glossary

There are hundreds of different types, definitions and classifications of cable and naturally, that presents a problem when trying to make a purchase - having to navigate a veritable ocean of jargon. That's why we at WAVE have compiled this useful guide to assist you through the process and shed some light on the words [...]

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A/V Cable Guide

Wading through the myriad of different connector types and cables can be a headache at the best of times and with so many different types and permutations of cable connector, it can be easy to get your wires in a bunch. Here we have a preliminary guide to assist you through the ever expanding universe [...]

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